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There are several steps to the grooming process. The order of the steps will vary depending on the individual needs of each fur baby.

Dog GroomingBATH PREP:
We comb through the coat to remove small tangles, loose coat, burdocks and other debris.  At this time we locate any mats to either comb through them or clip out (mats are those knots that not only look bad but cause the animal discomfort).  We clip excess coat length prior to the bath.  

We use specially formulated shampoos to meet your fur baby’s personal needs. These include E Z Groom, Bark to Basics, or Coat Handler (The Chubbs bar/Les Pooch for the kitties). These shampoos thoroughly cleanse the animal’s coat and skin but are gentle and non- drying as well.
The fur babies are lathered up twice (or more for the ‘active, inquisitive’ pets as needed). After a double rinse, they are then treated to a Happy Eyes Facial and conditioning rinse (except for kitties), which is followed by a last rinse.

For dogs we use EZ Groom’s Ear Magic, an all natural ear cleaner that gently cleans the whole ear canal. After a good shake of the head, cotton balls gently wipe away the residue from the ear.
For cats, we use Best Shot M.E.D. Ear Treatment. It is a natural and gentle ear cleaner that we apply to cotton balls and then wipe the ear flaps and outer ear canal.
Prior to cleaning, the ears are checked for a possible ear infection. If an infection is suspected, we cannot clean or remove hair from the ear. We notify the owner on pick up and will recommend a visit to your veterinarian.
We use high velocity dryers to dry our fur babies. During the drying we not only concentrate on blowing the water off the coat, but we check the condition of the skin, looking for possible hot spots or other sores including puncture wounds, scratches and even ticks (the ticks are removed). We will notify the owner of any unusual findings at pick up time.
The high velocity dryers help speed the drying process and also aid in helping an animal shed old coat so that the healthy new coat can grow in.
We have two high velocity dryers. The two speed dryer that is used to dry the big boys and girls. And a variable speed dryer that is used to dry the smaller fur babies. The kitties are only dried with the variable speed dryer.
We do not cage dry.
Fluffy Dog
Now that your fur baby is all clean and brushed and fluffed, he/she is ready for the final trim. For some this may be paws, feathers or furnishings, hocks, etc. Other fur babies will be clipped in the style you requested, shortening the coat, shaping the legs, and face.  Sanitary trims are generally done at this time as well.
Nails and pads are trimmed as part of the finish groom. When possible nails are filed after trimming so that your fur baby will be less likely to scratch you (kitties exempted and their nails are done at the very beginning of a groom!).

When your fur baby’s groom is complete, we accessorize! This is the time we set aside for selecting bandanas, feathers, earrings or bows and a spritz of cologne (if you desire) to complete your fur baby’s day at the spa.


We offer grooming services for both cats and dogs. These services keep your pet clean and healthy. The grooming offered includes:

• Bathing
• Combing
• De-Matting
• Drying
• Ear Cleaning
• Nail Trimming

• Trimming

Nail Trimming

Nail trimming services are offered to variety of pets. These pets include:

• Bunnies
• Cats
• Dogs
• Ferrets
• Guinea Pigs

Contact our grooming service to set up an appointment for a cat or dog nail trim.